You said something is hard,Thank you!”

Shen Ruoxi said to Bai Qingsong very sincerely。“Mr. Shen,You don’t need to thank me,Since I took the position of the head of the business department,Then these things are my duty,What i did,Should have been!Food King,Loyalty,I can’t take the salary of an executive,Don’t share anything for you?I Bai Qingsong
Being a man is not so rubbish。”
Bai Qingsong talks freely,These words are still very interesting。
“Heavy……”Shen Ruoxi was embarrassed by Bai Qingsong,Although she also agrees that these things Bai Qingsong said are reasonable,But she never thought about it like this……What she always thinks is;No one’s contribution should be due,As long as it is someone who has helped yourself,I should treat others
“Old white,What you said today,It’s a bit contradictory to your usual attitude towards people!Can you tell the truth,Explain that you should be a very sophisticated person,Then why are you so unkind to people??”
Qin Liang is really honest,Such an embarrassing question,He asked directly without concealing it!He is not afraid that Bai Qingsong will not be able to come to the stage if asked!
“I admit;I am indeed a man of talent and pride,I don’t usually look up to people,Especially when I talk to other colleagues,Often acrimonious,This is probably my biggest problem!”
It is rare,Bai Qingsong is exceptional today“Upright”,I can evaluate myself so frankly!
Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan are beginning to feel a little embarrassed,Bai Qingsong speaks like this,Both of them are embarrassed to pick up his words.!He is too frank,Few people would say this to themselves!
“I have a hasty!What do you mean?Are you planning to criticize yourself?”
Qin Liang asked jokingly。