Song Min was so stupid and naive to say a few words。

“You let me。”
rare,Shen Ruoxi was in all kinds of troubles,Can still be humble。
Chapter three hundred and forty seven Three crazy women are terrible
“Don’t say that,I didn’t let you!I won’t let you talk but you are now,If I let you go,Then I can just be dumb。”
Song Min answered bluntly。
Song Min’s Straight,Successfully made everyone laugh again。
“You don’t have to laugh,I am telling the truth,The facts are like this,I’m not exaggerating at all。”
Song Min thought everyone was laughing at himself,So I was silly and added a few more words。
“You silly girl,We laughed because what you said was too accurate, too accurate, too incisive。”
Chen Hao had to explain a few words to Song Min,Not only has her personality changed now,And even his mind seems to have changed,Although she was not as smart as Liu Xiaoyun before,,But she is definitely a smart girl with ice and snow,It’s fine now,Words that everyone can understand,She doesn’t understand……