“what’s up?Speak,All my own。”

Chapter Three Thousand and Eighty Nine I have become ineffective
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Chapter Three Thousand and Eighty Nine I have become ineffective
Yang Shiyun guessed that these two female colleagues came to see herself at this time,It must have found information about the criminal who tried to assassinate Liu Yong,So straight to the point,Asked directly。
After the murderer was arrested,Yang Shiyun immediately took pictures of the murderer with his mobile phone and sent it back to the Municipal Archives,Let the policewoman on night shift immediately start looking for all the information related to the murderer。
After bringing the murderer to the hospital,Because I was waiting for Liu Yong’s news,Yang Shiyun forgot about it。
“This is all the information we have collected about the suspect。”
Two policewomen took a lot of copy paper from their bags,Handed over to Yang Shiyun。
Wang Yan’s job is the director,And Yang Shiyun is the chief of criminal investigation,So the target of the two policewomen is Yang Shiyun,But these two policewomen are under Wang Yan……
Such a major case,The work of finding the criminal suspect’s information should be handled by Wang Yan personally。But Wang Yan is one of the main parties in this case,Liu Yong’s wife again,So after the incident, she never left Liu Yong’s side,Naturally, I can’t handle this job myself。