,The most responsible one!

“As long as we all never separate,This kind of happiness will always exist,I always believe this。”
Shen Ruoxi answered confidently。
In the photo studio of Ling Mofeng,There are so many guests like dumplings,Crowded。
The glorious scene has long been restored here。
People from all walks of life on the road now,I’ve heard about the new studio owner,Better than his laozi,And background,Do things better than him,But better than him,Easy to deal with。
So the previous guests came to the door again,New rising stars are also coming here,For a time, Ling Mofeng’s name quickly rose to fame in the underworld of Haishang,The scenery is no different!now,In the magnificent hall of the photo studio,Four young people are sitting around a table,Drinking beer slowly,I looked around curiously……
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Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Six We are the same sick people
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Surrounded by people,People of all colors walk around like butterflies in flowers,Like a bustling city,But it is far from the hustle and bustle of the downtown。at this place,Talking can be,But talking loudly is forbidden。Arrogant guests,When you get to this place, you will become polite,Speak kindly。Some people say this is out of respect for the owner Ling Mofeng,Some people say this is because no one dared to be the eldest brother in this place!But no matter what
What is it for,In short, this potential rule,Now it has spread to all the guests who come here,And become a rule that everyone follows。About Ling Mofeng,Almost everyone who comes here knows;He is the only son of the former photo studio owner,When his father was alive,Is the hero who dominates one side,Few people dare not give face to his father!Now it’s his turn to sit on the boss
Location,He did better than his father,The power of the photo studio is bigger,Naturally, no one thinks anything is weird,Because everyone thinks this is a normal thing。As the saying goes;Long Shenglong,Feng Shengfeng,The mouse’s son will make holes。Since Lao Tzu is a hero,Son inherits father’s business,Here is Ling Mofeng,Of course it’s not much worse,This is something that everyone naturally thinks of

And make everyone more interested,More curious,Is a woman here!
It is said that there is an amazing woman by Ling Mofeng,No one knows the origin of this woman,No one knows the name,Only know,She is a beautiful girl,A person who is beautiful enough to overturn all beings in the world!
This mysterious“legend”Don’t know how it started spreading,But it spread quickly,Soon became unknown,No one knows。