Yang Shiyun’s contemptuous answer。

Fortunately it’s still early at this time,There are no doctors and nurses in the corridor,There are no patients and family members,otherwise,Estimate this“Young couple”So much trouble,It is bound to arouse strong crowds of the people。
But Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang are careless,They forget that there is still a person sitting on the bench in the corridor!
Wang Yan who has been taking a nap,I was woken up by Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun’s chirping,Her head sideways,Looking at this with astonishment“Young couple”In a place not far in front of me, all kinds of tricks show affectionate play……
With Yang Shiyun’s rigorous life attitude and consistent dignified and upright character,She’s actually fighting with Qin Liang in a public place like a hospital,And even“curse”Qin Liang is“Pervert,Bastard,Villain”!So this girl really loves Qin Liang!Love so much that she’s always reserved,I forgot my self-respect!
After the surprise,Wang Yan is also happy,After all, she and Liu Yong have always treated Yang Shiyun as their own daughter.,Now I have seen Yang Shiyun have a loved one,Have a destination,She does this“mother”Of course would be very happy。
And even though it’s the first time Qin Liang has seen this young man,But she knew Qin Liang from Liu Yong’s mouth“story”。
Chapter three thousand and ninety nine Okay with such gossip?
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Chapter three thousand and ninety nine Okay with such gossip?
I also know how capable Qin Liang is,Yang Shiyun can follow Qin Liang,That is also something that makes her happy and satisfied,After all, Yang Shiyun is so excellent no matter what,Naturally, I should find a good man like her.。