Sang Qingrou is Sang Xiaoxi’s sister,The villagers are grateful to Sang Xiaoxi,Naturally, I also treat Sang Qing softly。

When no one is around,Sang Qingrou’s smile has become a lot softer。
Where does she know,Ouyang Shuo quietly followed behind her,Witnessed it all。
Sang Qing went to see the little girl and her mother softly。prior to,The little boy refused to cremate his relatives,Bit her badly。Sang Qingrou doesn’t want this little girl to have the same experience again。
“big sister,Did you come to see me?”
“Yes indeed!Are you and your mother better?”
“Thank you, Miss Sangjia, for the medicine,My mother is much better。She will get better,big sister,You didn’t lie to me。”
Sang Qingrou smiled and stroked her head:“You are a good boy,God will definitely take care of you。Survived this catastrophe,after,You and your mother will have a very happy life。You have to be good,Filial piety to your mother,do you know?”
The little girl nodded obediently,Suddenly remembered something,She took out a red rope from her arms,A small bell is tied on the red rope。
“I made this according to my mother’s method,For you。big sister,Bells will bless you。”
The little girl said,Tie the red string to her wrist。
Sang Qingrou looked at the cheap red string on her wrist,But I am very happy。perhaps,This thing is incompatible with what is on my body,But she liked it the more she watched。
“thank you!take a good rest,Take care of your mother,I won’t bother you。”
Come out of that room,Sang Qing softly meets Ouyang Shuo head-on,For a time,The smile on her face froze。
Shouldn’t he stay in Sang Xiaoxi’s house to take care of her at this time??How come here?