So sad!Yang Shiyun and Yanzi were all tricked by Qin Liang without realizing it,Actually believe that Zhenzhen treats Xiaodie as a great female hero!

“Someone outside,There is a day outside!This old saying is not nonsense。”
Yang Shiyun reached out and hugged the swallow,said laughingly。
“Ok……It seems my hard way,Still very long!”
Swallow finished saying this,Sigh secretly,She suddenly felt that her kung fu was nothing……Not far,Just by my side,There are a few better kung fu than yourself!
“OK OK,You don’t need to express emotion here!It’s still early,Let’s call Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun,Let’s go for a stroll together,TV in this hotel,I’m tired of watching!”
Yang Shiyun finished,Take the swallow and leave……So half an hour later,Yang Shiyun,Swallow,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun appeared on the street where the lights were beginning,of course,By their side is Yang Zhi who is burly……Where the little princess Shen Ruoxue is,How could he be missing?“Loyal”
Where’s bodyguard。
Some girls have to make fun of Shen Ruoxue,Although Shen Ruoxue is shy,But helpless,Because she knows;No matter what method I use,It’s impossible for Yang Zhi not to follow him……
But fortunately, Yang Zhi doesn’t say much,He just followed the four girls silently,Occasionally made fun of by girls,He just smiled foolishly,Neither refute,Don’t explain。
For him anyway,Can follow Shen Ruoxue’s side,It’s already great happiness,Other,It doesn’t matter!
“Over,Koyuki,Brother Yang Zhi looks like he will follow you forever……Hehe,otherwise,You’d better follow him。”
Liu Xiaoyun teased Shen Ruoxue quietly。
“Screw you!How to talk?What does it mean to follow him??”
Shen Ruoxue’s dumbfounding retort。
“Just……Be his little daughter-in-law。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled secretly,An odd-looking answer……“Do you want to have a man??That’s why you tempted me to do this with you!Oh my god!You won’t be the little policeman who knew us on the way……Really tempted?”
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