After the doctors left,Peng Changyi looked at Ding Yi,After walking two laps in the house, he suddenly said:“Xiao Xu,I’m not too busy after waiting for a while,How about let’s drive to Inner Mongolia?”

Xiao Xu listened,Coming spirit,Said:“of course,I was thinking about it that day,Don’t you ignore us?We go to Inner Mongolia to find you!”
“I just don’t know how the road conditions there?”
Xiao Xu said:“No problem with national highway,If it’s not easy to walk, then the road to their territory is not easy。”
“It will take a few days to walk?”
“To go……Hi,We don’t know where to find him,How to calculate the number of days?”
“Yes——”Peng Changyi sighed。
When Ding Yi wakes up,It’s bright,Only Xiao Xu fell asleep at her feet alone in the room,Heard Ding Yi’s movement,Xiao Xu raised his head,Sitting by Ding Yi’s bed,Said:“Xiaoding,You finally woke up,Brother Peng guarded you all night。”
Ding Yi remembered the Peng Changyi he saw at the scene,She tilted her head and looked,There is no Peng Changyi in the room,She feels splitting headache, Closed my eyes again,After a while,open one’s eyes,Squirmed chapped lips,Said:“I want to drink water……”
“Oh sorry,I’ll get it for you。”Xiao Xu hurriedly watered the end of Ding,He has a cup in one hand,With one hand open,I don’t know how to help Dingyi,At this moment,Nurse comes in,Xiao Xu blushed and said:“nurse,Help。”
Nurse smiled,Said:“Where is her family?”
Xiao Xu said unhappily:“That’s not her family,We are all her friends。”
The nurse is new,It’s normal for her not to know Peng Changyi。
The nurse walked to Ding Yi,Help Ding Yi,Said:“You go and shake the bed。”
Xiao Xu shakes up the bed,The nurse told Ding Yi to lean on her,Ding Yi drank a few sips of water,He stretched out his hand wrapped in gauze and said:“I’ll do it myself。”
The nurse said:“do not move,Your rib is broken,pay attention。”
Ding Yiyi,The scared face immediately turned white,Said:“broken?”