Qin Shi dodges left and right,Hands behind your back,Avoiding attacks from all directions time and time again。
Act like a snake,Every punch he greeted almost rubbed the edge of Qin Shi’s body and slipped past。
What’s more, I didn’t hit Qin Shi after punching,But hit the friendly army behind Qin Shi。
Three minutes passed。
These people get more and more angry,More and more urgent,Super high intensity exercise,Plus friendly injuries,Make them pant with exhaustion after a while。
“what happened?keep going。”
Qin Shi has never had any addiction,Some of these people are beginning to breathe with their hips akimbo。
“You have the ability to fight us seriously!”
The big man is still very dissatisfied。
People just attack,Flaws will be revealed,Hiding like this blindly,Whoever changes。
Actually, they are already a little bit imaginary。
Although this kid must be bragging,But judging from his skills, he should also be a practicer。
“Want me to fight hard?That’s even more unfair。”
Qin Shi stretched,Said:“Then you can see me,Even if you win。”