Piggy Story Tests Your Childhood

Piggy Story Tests Your Childhood

If you are a big wolf in a fairy tale who wants to eat 3 little pigs, which method do you think can eat them?

A smoked the piglet to fainted with smoke B waited for the piglet to come out without warning C sneaked from the chimney to the window D smashed the door with a mallet E imitated the sound of a pig mother to fool the door A smoked the piglet to fainted with smoke  You live in the world of fairy tales, and your childishness is extremely extreme, so that everyone is worried about your childishness index of 99%: this type of person walks by feeling and does whatever they want.

Pigs such as B are not wary of coming out by themselves. You are not only immature, but you are too mature. Be careful before you age. Your naivety index is 20%: this type of people already know how to let go of many things, and may be forced to be useless.Yes, so I will wait to do anything, whether it is work or love.

C. Climbing from the chimney to the window. You know that you are half big. You must learn to be independent. Your naivety index is 55%: This type of person knows how to use things to do things. He will slowly let himself learn and grow in the journey of life.

D smashed the door with a mallet until he was hit by a bag full of scars, and you will know that it will not work if you grow up. Your childish index is 80%: This type of person is more mature than a man or woman.The heart is very naive.

E imitates the mother pig’s voice to deceive you to open the door to maturity, instead of being the mentor of others, your childishness index is 40%: this type of person will use words to communicate and further talk with others, and they will be very good when dealing with thingsBe patient and able to grasp humanity.