Director Huang said proudly……It’s time for parting,Everyone waved goodbye,Special forces members boarded the plane one after another,Liu Xiaoyun is at the end,When I was about to step into the cabin door,She turned around,Towards Director Huang under the plane and the police who fought side by side for many days and nights

They,A fairly standard military salute!
“Catch‘Skin monkey’These ten days,It’s a day worth remembering and commemorating!Liu Xiaoyun……You are so smart and stinky,I hope we have another chance to meet and cooperate!By the time,I will buy you more delicious snacks!”
Watching the plane rising to the sky,Director Huang muttered silently in his heart……
“I said,The plane took off?Can you take this thing off my head??I’m holding my breath with such a thing,Breathe hard!”
The plane just rose into the air,“Skin monkey”Started making requests!
Meizi looked at Yang Shiyun,Yang Shiyun nodded,So Meizi reached out“Skin monkey”I took off the mask on his head。
“Yep,Much more comfortable now,Thank you。”
“Skin monkey”Said contentedly,Then I moved my body a few times,Began to look around。
“What are you looking at?Be honest。”
Meizi habitually scolded。
“rest assured,I just see where Liu Xiaoyun is,No idea,You don’t need to be nervous,I didn’t plan to do anything,Can’t do anything,So it is not necessary。”
“Skin monkey”Understatement,Don’t care at all。