Shen Ruoxi thinks about it, it’s very interesting,So I agreed with Murong Shan’s idea,Qin Liang is thousands of miles away,Never dream of;The two weakest in the house“Lady”,Already preparing to calculate him!

“I never knew,It turns out that learning Kungfu is such a fun thing,Just too hard,But when I think about it, I can beat bad guys too,But protect yourself,Protect the key,I’m still willing to grit my teeth and persevere。”
Murong Shan said with emotion。
“cut!I protect you two, OK?!”
Murong Xiaoyao immediately said not convinced!indeed,At least for now,Even if Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan join forces,I can’t beat a Murong Xiaokey。
“Don’t be proud,Humph,We will be better than you someday!”
Shen Ruoxi deliberately teased Murong Xiaoyao。
“That is impossible!You want more,Ruoxi’s mother。”
Murong Xiaoyao is greatly disapproved,Like a little adult。
“Key,Must remember!Meet the bad guys next time,Do not be afraid,You know how to work,Be brave to protect yourself,Can not escape。”
Murong Shan remembered the last time Murong Xiaoyao met two perverts,Although it’s been a long time,But she still has to worry,Lingering fears。
“I got it,Rest assured mom,I was frightened last time,I will not do it again,Someone wants to bully me again,Humph,I want him to look good。”
Murong Xiaoyao waved his small fist,Unconvinced。This is what Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan worry most now……Although Murong Xiaoyao is still young,But she is beautiful,Pretty,Already she looks like an alluring little beauty,And what makes them even more depressed is;This girl is too advanced……She is obviously a childish girl,But the body is already sexy and hot,Has a strong enough attraction for men!
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