“Yang Zhi,Tell me the truth;Do you want to chase Xiaoxue?”

Qin Liang suddenly lowered his voice,Put your mouth close to Yang Zhi and asked。“Boss,I can swear;I really don’t have that idea!I admit i like her,Feicheng likes her very much!but……But i know i don’t deserve her,Not worthy of her at all……Ugh,I still have this self-knowledge
Yang Zhi finished these words,Suddenly became very depressed。
Qin Liang stopped talking,He suddenly felt a little sympathetic to Yang Zhi,Of course he believes what Yang Zhi said is true!In fact, his heart has become very tangled at the moment!In fact, if Qin Liang really wants to help Yang Zhi pursue Shen Ruoxue,He can help him,After all, Shen Ruoxue is his sister-in-law,And the relationship with him in private is super good,I have always trusted him,Listen to him。but……
Qin Liang himself likes Shen Ruoxue very much!Although he can’t fight Shen Ruoxue’s idea,But he didn’t want anyone to beat Shen Ruoxue’s idea!
Even if you can’t eat grapes,I have to look after the vine,Never let anyone steal the grapes……This is Qin Liang’s current psychology towards Shen Ruoxue!
“Boss, why are you not talking anymore?”
Yang Zhi saw Qin Liang’s thoughtful look,But I couldn’t help asking him carefully again。
“Oh,I’m considering your request。”
Qin Liang answered casually。
“Wow,Thank you boss!I knew it,The boss is the best to brothers!Ha ha,Boss,You smoke a cigarette first。”
Yang Zhi immediately said with joy,Then he hurriedly took out the cigarette from the bucket,I respectfully ordered Qin Liang a stick。“Don’t be too happy!I’m just thinking,Haven’t taken the final attention yet!Don’t forget,This is not my home after all,This is Shen Ruoxi,Shen Ruoxue’s home,If you say it seriously,I’m like you,
I’m also here as a guest。”Qin Liang first left himself an excuse for retreat and rejection!And frankly;If Yang Zhi doesn’t like Shen Ruoxue,But any other sister of the Shen family,He already fulfilled him!But Yang Zhi likes Shen Ruoxue