“Enough said,No more,You speak。”

Qin Liang hasn’t been relieved from Yang Shiyun’s sudden military attack.,So I am ignorant,Wait until his mind is sober,Yang Shiyun“Nightmare”About to start……
“It’s over,Who do you show so much so hard??Deliberately put eye drops in front of everyone, right??”
Yang Shiyun started to complain!It sounds like she was the one who was cleaned up, not Qin Liang。
“How do i suddenly feel:The person who was standing and talking to me before I bought it is Xiaoxue?”
Qin Liang’s awkward answer。
“Are you trying to say that I’m as savage and unreasonable as Xiaoxue??What do you want to express??”
Yang Shiyun frowned and asked tangledly。
“No!I just want to say:The way you spoke just now is exactly the same as Xiaoxue。”
Qin Liang’s low-key answer,Actually what he meant,It’s no different from what Yang Shiyun asked him,It just sounds a little euphemistic,The kind of soup without changing the medicine。
“So I still say I don’t make sense。”
Yang Shiyun rolled his eyes and said。
“No,How can you be unreasonable,That can’t。”
Qin Liang denied it this time,Anyway, what should be expressed has been expressed,There is no need to hit Yang Shiyun’s gun,This girl must have dynamite for lunch today,So if you can’t be hard with her, it’s best not to be hard。
“You say you are a big man,She is as careful as a girl,A joke can actually make you such a virtue that a nose is not a nose, a face is not a face,Are you as of?”
Yang Shiyun suddenly lowered his voice and whispered to Qin Liang.!This is her way of apologizing,It’s also the way most girls with strong personality apologize:Obviously apologize,But it doesn’t sound like an apology at all,But people who understand,I can definitely hear you in my heart,And someone who can understand,I usually feel good in my heart……Because of this way of apology,Actually, you will find out:It contains hidden aegyo ingredients。
Someone who can apologize to you this way,Definitely someone who has a deep relationship with you,If you are talking to a woman like this,That must be a woman who is very close to you,If you don’t believe me, think about it seriously。
“What?You said you were joking with me just now?”
Qin Liang asked in surprise。