“It can only be this way。”The old dean is a little excited。

“Where do you think Xiao Deng might go??”
“Several of his classmates are abroad,He has been in contact with them,I wondered if he went to find his classmates。”
“It’s possible。”Peng Changyi said again:“Did Heiyun say something after coming back??”
“Ugh,I go see her,She kept crying,Repeatedly is a sentence,how could this be?how could this be?It is estimated that the blow was not light,What a crime。”The old dean sighed。
later,The old dean also told Peng Changyi,Anesthesiologist Xiao Deng,He disappeared the night after Heiyun was picked up by his parents,Someone saw him wandering in the hospital,Wandering in front of the black cloud house,then,After he set off a set of firecrackers in the hospital’s family yard,Left with a big bag。
Someone else saw,When he left,Singing Qinqiang rigorously《The guilty case》in“Bao Xiangye and the people redress grievances”Chant,Sing while walking,I’m totally intoxicated in my singing,Colleague saw him,Greet him and he ignores it,At that time everyone felt he was weird,But some people say he sings worse than crying……
Peng Changyi’s heart is also a little heavy,I couldn’t speak for a long time。
Peng Changyi can’t help but go home,The weather is getting colder,He wants to go home to get some clothes,Change the quilt to a thicker one。
Just when he thought of going home,Received a call,This is a strange phone number。Just listen to the mellow one inside、Very standard voice:“Hello, Magistrate Peng,I am Yajuan。”
Peng Changyi was taken aback,Don’t say he got to Sanyuan,Yajuan never called him even when he was in Kangzhou,He quickly said:“Ya Juan,Hello there,I said why this sound is so standard,Rounded,Dare to be you?”
“It seems that Magistrate Peng forgot about me,I was so surprised at my voice?”Yajuan said。
“Ha ha,I can’t hear such standard Mandarin for a long time,A voiceless voice,It would be a huge waste of resources if you don’t become an announcer。”
Although Peng Changyi’s words are a bit exaggerated,But it’s a fact,Around him,All accents from three sources,Although he can understand,But that voice was timid and stupefied,Yajuan’s voice is of course very nice,When he was on the phone with Ding Yi,Ding Yi’s voice comes from pure nature,Not as formal as Yajuan,A mouthful。
Yajuan smiled,Said:“County Magistrate Peng,I’m in Kangzhou now,With Xiaoding,We talked about you,So I really want to try my luck,See if you are in Kangzhou or Sanyuan。”
First54chapter Call from Dou Lao
Peng Changyi doesn’t know what’s up with Yajuan,Just said:“I must be in Sanyuan at this time,A lot of things recently,Very busy,Burnt。”
“Ha ha,We all know,You are busy on both sides of the county government,it is good,Opportunity after that,Destined will always run into。”Yajuan said cheerfully。
Peng Changyi felt that Yajuan was calm,The tone of speech is not as impetuous as it used to be,Just said:“Ha ha,it is good,Welcome to Sanyuan。”