“Fall in love?”

“No,I won’t discuss it with you。”
“Ok,let me see,I have no class tomorrow,Can take a day off,Let me find you。”
“wait for me,But I’m not allowed to go out to eat and drink with the officials。”Brother Lu Yuan said。
“I will do nothing tomorrow,Just wait for Lu Yuan brother。”
“do not,Work still to be done,I guess I can be there at noon,You have to figure out where to invite me to dinner。”
“Ok、Ok,brother,I’m waiting for you?”
“Ok,Wait,Have to wait,I’m sure to arrive at noon。”
“A word。”
“A word。”
Ding Yi put down the phone,Happy slap。Since being assigned to Kangzhou,She especially hopes that Lu Yuan will come to see her,That way, I don’t feel abandoned by my family。
Ding Yi walked out of the office,Just going upstairs,I saw Wenwen walking ahead,Wear a pair of high heels on your feet,Light-handed,For fear that the sound of high heels at night disturbs others。