Jian Jin nodded,Said:“Ok,In fact, our ability to pass the second exam is entirely dependent on the strength of the students,and so,We are not going to continue participating in the next individual battle。”

“And with our strength,It will only be ashamed in the third exam。”Izuno wasabi added。
In the second exam,After the mouse leaves,The three have also acted together,But it was easily solved by the opponent alone。
“Worthy of being my student,Although you withdrew from the third exam,But can clearly recognize their own strength,I am very satisfied。”
Kahuo suddenly hugs Kanjin from behind,Izu Wild Wasabi and Tsuno Tears who have almost no sense of existence。
Mouse You nodded,Ignore the four people who are enhancing their relationship,Turn around and walk into Konoha Stadium from the runners’ passage。
Ratyu never intends to have any fetters with the team members he temporarily joined,He is very clear about his position,I’m just a dead person,The reason for continuing to live,Just to see my brother again,And my niece。
After SHIELD is defeated,I should disappear too,Leave too many fetters,It will only cause suffering to those who continue to live in the world。
The most exciting part of the entire Zhongnin exam was the third individual battle.,The most important is the third personal battle,After all, for ninja,Strength is the most important,therefore,And only in the third exam,The heads of the villages will take time from their busy schedule to watch,By the way, determine the strength of the new generation in your village。
Those who passed the second exam were the bloggers of Uzumaki Konoha Village,Uchiha Sarana,Siyue,Uchiha Mouse;Shin Hee of Shayin Village,Night soil,Lost;The Seven Ninja Swords in Wuyin Village;Ninja Dragon Set in Yanyin VillageA,The Ninja Dragon Set in Yunyin VillageB。
Village chief,Naruto, the mayor of Konoha Village, sits in the middle,The one sitting from left to right is Chojuro of the Wuyin Village,Gaara, Mayor of Shayin Village,Yunyin Village,The village chief of Yanyin Village has four people。
“Why are you here again?”Naruto sat in the middle and asked quietly with a smile on his face。
If you still look serious at this time,It is inevitable that unscrupulous entertainment newspapers will make up what they write。
Today, you dare to jokingly quarrel with other village chiefs,Tomorrow the newspaper will dare to write about the upcoming fifth Ninja War。
If it’s another Naruto,I hadn’t said anything about the Anbu interview a long time ago,But who calls Naruto is Hokage?,You will not kill your enemies easily,Not to mention treating people in their own village。