Zhao Xiaoliang nodded casually and agreed,Turned around and ran out of the study,I forgot to say the kind words I should say,It can be seen how flustered he is。

Zhao Xiaoliang is gone,There are only Zhuang Yong and Zhuang Hai in the study,Two people look at me,I see you,No one spoke for a long time……
“What do you think about this?”
It’s been a long time,Zhuang Yongcai asked。
“Miss from birth,Her identity was deliberately concealed by the dealer,and so,No matter how good Qin Liang is,,It is absolutely impossible for him to know that Miss is your daughter!”
Zhuang Hai thoughtfully said。
“and then?What do you want to say?”
Zhuang Yong asked again。
“Then between him and the young lady,There should be no use,In other words;Qin Liang definitely didn’t want to use the young lady to deal with the dealer,I also saw him and the young lady with my own eyes,I still feel;He and Miss are really in love。”
Zhuang Hai said for sure。
Zhuang Yong did not speak,It seems to be thinking about the words Zhuang Hai just said。
“This person knows that our dealer wants him to avenge,He dared to come to Dechang,I definitely wanted to come to the door,visible,This kid is definitely a bold guy,Courageous,Have the courage,Courageous。”
Zhuang Hai actually praised Qin Liang……
“He was so capable,I gave Xiaodie to him, too,but,After all, he is now the dealer’s enemy!”