Erbao saw mom beat dad,Quickly put the little mouth to the place where father was beaten,Blowing to dad。

Jiang Fan said with a smile:“Erbao still loves father,Mother beating,Not behaved。”
Dabao heard his father say this,To reach Dad’s shoulder,Bluntly to dad,Said:“be good,Does not hurt。”
Ding Yi couldn’t help laughing,This is their usual language when the couple comforts their two children,I don’t want to be used by my son。
At this moment,Jiang Fan’s phone rang,Dabao and Erbao ran to the corner cabinet at the same time,Get the phone for dad,Dabao took his father’s phone first,Then ran and handed it to Dad’s hand。
Jiang Fan smiled,Looked at Ding Yi and said:“This feeling,So cool,The unit has a secretary,There is a secretary at home,And two。”
Ding Yi teased:“Which are two,There are three at home,I am a big secretary,Two little secretaries outside。”
First50chapter I’m sorry you are not just a child(Two more)
Jiang Fan laughed,Er Bao laughed with his father,Dispel the frustration of not being able to get the phone for Dad。
Jiang Fan answered the phone,Commander Lin。
Commander Lin said:“Secretary Jiang,are you home yet?”
Jiang Fan said:“Yes,I’ve just got home。”
“how about it,Come out to play,Fuck,Too panic。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“You are not afraid of infection?”
Commander Lin said:“If the sky on the playground can have SARS bacteria,Then I guess the earth is not far from destruction。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan laughed,Say:“it is good,I will ask the two little guys for leave,I’ll go to the playground to see you,correct,Call my sister-in-law Gesanghua。”
“Lin Sanghua。”Commander Jiang corrected。
Jiang Fan said with a smile:“She is Gesanghua in our eyes,It’s just that this flower is in your soil。”