Cousin looked at the back of this proud man,Watching him go away in pain,A heart-wrenching pain。He frowned,Said in my heart:God,Why bother to torture them so much!

After a long and painful waiting,When Guan Hao saw his woman again,She is already lying in the hospitaluIn the ward。Bandage on the head,There is still an unknown tube,Infusion tube on hand,Eyes closed,Lying quietly。When he was called outside the ward,Seeing her through the glass,He is shaking,Some stand unstable,Fortunately, he was held in time by David who just got off the operating table。
Guan Hao looked at David’s hands that were still covered white with rubber gloves,Suddenly felt my heart was blocked by something,Heart trembling,After all, I can’t bear the torture of my lover,Plus seven or eight hours of hard waiting,He still fainted in David’s arms
When Annie found Guan Yao and Li Wei,When the doctor makes an exception to allow another family member to take care of the patient,Cousin was taken aback,There must be something unexpected,Haven’t waited for the reaction,Guan Yao ran long legs and ran in。When he sawuOutside the ward,When lying with my brother who is infusion,I took another look at Xiaoxia inside,He immediately understood what was going on,Sitting in front of brother,Holding brother’s hand,Can’t help but whimper,Said:“brother,Brother,you can not do that”
Guan Hao slowly opened his eyes,He glanced at his brother,The person with his head sideways inside,Tears can’t stop dripping
When the nurse said that the patient will soon wake up,David and his assistant changed into clothes and walked in,Guan Hao also straightened up,Look inside nervously,He stared at her closely,I saw her eyebrows moved,Eyelids moved,No longer move。He called a nurse,Let the nurse tell David:As a husband,He must be by his wife,Help wife wake up。
Nurse picks up the intercom,Conveyed the patient’s family’s request to the nurse inside,I saw the nurse inside put down the receiver,Come to David,What did you say,David turned his head,Look at Guan Hao。Guan Hao looked at him motionlessly,Expressing his firm will with his eyes。David nodded at him。
382Wake lover
Guan Hao was excited,With the help of a nurse,Changed into the clothes inside。He didn’t want her to see her condition when she woke up,Insist on unplugging the infusion tube,David whispered at him:“You fainted for two or three minutes,If you don’t want me to continue the craniotomy,Better be obedient!”
Guan Hao had to bring the infusion bottle,Sat next to her,One of his big hands,Immediately held her cold little hand,Only yelled“Lili”,I can’t speak anymore,Tears came out again。
quickly,A nurse came to him,Remind him in a low voice,Pay attention to control emotions。He wiped away the tears from his eyes immediately,Close your eyes and calm down for a while,After wiping away the remaining tears,Fixedly looking at her。The infinite love and pity in the low voice whispered:“Lili,I’m coming。If you have enough sleep, open your eyes and look at me……”