But data is important,Not important。

Especially in this game。
36Split follow26What’s the difference?
Also10Points gap,The others are coming。
so,In the end, it depends on how both sides play。
Before the game, Xu Xuan browsed his attribute panel again。
The diamond-level Westbrook’s physical talent is shining,Relatively speaking,The three-point talent, which is one step ahead of Wei Shao’s talent, is now not moving.。
Advanced is really hard。
Not so many times before Xu Xuan died,It is estimated that the physical talent is the same as the three-point talent,Not advanced yet。
Xu Xuan took a deep breath,The pickled pepper next to him patted Xu Xuan on the shoulder。
This is Xu Xuan’s first tiebreaker in the conference finals,But it’s not the first time pickled peppers。
already12-13Season,At that time, Pickled Pepper, who was just in the third grade, led the team with the Big Three Heat until the seventh game to decide the winner.。
13-14Six games in the season,14-15Five games in the season,Seven more games this season!